Tree Varieties

  • Fraser Fir

      Dark blue-green color needles 1-1.5" long with a silvery undertone.
      Excellent needle retention and stiff branches. Very popular tree for hanging medium-heavy ornaments.


    • Douglas Fir

        Soft 1-1.5" dark green needles. Medium-strong branches and excellent needle retention. One of the most popular Christmas trees for the last 30 years.


      • Concolor Fir (White Fir)

          Sparsely placed blue-green needles around 1-1.5 inches long with medium-strong branches. This tree has very good needle retention and is popular for its citrus like smell.


        • Canaan Fir

            Soft, short dark green 1" needles and very fragrant. Good needle retention. Medium strength branches.


          • Nordmann Fir

              Needles are medium length and glossy dark green on top and silvery white underneath.
              It has excellent needle retention and has stiff branches for holding heavy ornaments.


            2023 Pricing Chart

            ***Only trees with price tags are for sale***

            HEIGHT (approx)5′ – 6′6′ – 7′7′ – 8′8′ – 9′9′ – 10′10'-12'
            TAG COLORRedYellowGreenWhitePinkOrange
            Fraser Fir Fields$84.91$99.06$117.92$141.51$160.38$245.28
            Douglas Fir Fields$84.91$99.06$117.92$141.51$160.38N/A
            Canaan FirN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
            Nordmann Fir$84.91$99.06$117.92$141.51$160.38N/A
            Korean Fir$84.91$99.06$117.92$141.51N/AN/A
            Concolor Fir (Retail Lot Only)N/AN/A$117.92$141.51$160.38N/A
            TOTAL WITH TAX$90.00$105.00$125.00$150.00$170.00$260.00
            Prices include tree shaking, tree baling and tree drilling.