Nordmann Fir

General Description
The Nordman fir is a European favorite that was recently introduced into the U.S. market and has become increasingly popular. This tree boasts a deep, rich color, dense foliage with rounded needles, and a pleasantly light fragrance.

The branches and foliage of the Nordman fir give the appearance of a very full, vibrant tree . The needles are especially unique as they appear as a glossy dark green on the upper side, but reveal a silvery underside. They are shaped flat, with rounded tips, and grow symmetrically around the branches. This tree retains needles for a long period of time in any climate, and is a hit with consumers with allergies given the light fragrance.

The Nordman fir is currently grown in Oregon and shipped across the United States. It is quickly growing in popularity so availability is improving each season.

Fun Fact
The Nordman fir is named for a botanist from Finland, Alexander von Nordmann, who discovered it growing in Georgia.

Needle Retention

Caring for your tree

Thank you for purchasing a Christmas Tree at Pine Valley Farms. You may have noticed dead needles inside the tree.
Evergreen trees shed their inside needles every fall and sometimes needles lodge among the branches.
This is a normal process and not the sign of a old tree.
To keep your tree fresh as possible, we recommend the following care.
1. Cover your tree for the ride home.
2. Once the tree is home, make a fresh , straight cut across the trunk about an inch from the original cut.
This opens the tree stem so it can take up water. Then plunge the trunk end immediately into fresh water.
If the water level drops below the fresh cut, a seal will form and a new cut will be necessary.
3. Trees are thirsty. They may drink between two pints and a gallon of water per day.