What types of trees do you have?
For 2023 we have Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Korean Fir and Nordmann Fir.
Please visit the tree varieties page.

How much do your trees cost?
The cost of choose and cut trees can be found on the Trees/Pricing page. To see what fields are open this year please visit our fields page. Trees that are for sale are already tagged with the prices on them. Please don’t cut untagged trees.

Do you make your own wreaths?
Yes, our wreaths are made from fresh cut material on our farm. We also custom decorate our wreaths.

What free services do you provide?
We have free tree shaking, tree baling and tree drilling.

Do you have already cut trees and table tops?
Yes, we have Fraser and Douglas Fir ranging from 3’- 10’ next to the red sales barn.
In this area we have employees that can help you with the tree including tying it on your car.

How big are your trees?
You can find this information on the Field/Map page and throughout the season, we will update tree size on our facebook page.

What should I bring when I come to the farm to cut a tree?
We provide hand saws and tree carts. Dress appropriately, we do keep the farm as clean as possible but it can still get wet and muddy.

Can my group come to your farm?
Yes, if you let us know when you arrive, we will do our best to park everyone together.

Can I bring my dog to the farm?
Yes, your dog is allowed as long as it is on a leash at all times and is under your control. Please bring a plastic bag so you can clean up the dog waste and dispose of it in an outdoor trash can. Damage done by dogs is the responsibility of the owner. Please don’t bring dogs that are a threat to people or other dogs.

Can you cut my tree and load it on my car?
This is a choose and cut farm but weekdays we can provide this service to customers who are physically unable to. We don’t have a large enough staff to help everyone. We have a fresh cut lot next to our building designed for people who are unable to go out in the field or choose not to. Weekends we can only help you in the Fresh Cut lot.

How do I pay for my tree?
Weekdays, except for the day following Thanksgiving, you pay in the Red Sales Barn. Weekends you pay in the white building at the top of the farm, in the barn or down near the gatehouse where you entered. All trees are available for purchase are tagged with prices that include sale tax. We accept cash & credit cards.

How do I take care of my tree?
Have the tree baled free before you leave. If the tree is placed on top of your vehicle, always place the butt end towards the front. Secure the tree with twine, rope, or ratchet straps. We offer free twine next to the balers. Keep the tree outdoors (but protected from the wind and sun) or in an unheated room until you set it up. Use a stand that holds at least a gallon of water and cut at least a half inch off the bottom of the tree right before you put it up. If the tree is put in a five gallon bucket of water, a fresh cut is not necessary. Check the water level daily, especially at the beginning, since it can drink up to a gallon of water a day. If the water level drops below the bottom of the trunk, a seal forms after 12-24 hours and tree will no longer absorb water. Try to keep the tree away from a heat source which can dry out your tree.

What if it rains or snows?
We are always open unless it’s a blizzard or major ice event. We will plow the roads and parking lots. Check Facebook for closures.

What is your photography policy?
We DO NOT allow photo sessions here.